Senior Systems Engineer (Cloud Ops)

Job description

Astronomer is a rapidly growing startup with the mission to build the next generation of data orchestration.  We run the world’s most successful Apache Airflow as-a-service offering (Astronomer Cloud), and offer enterprises licensing to run our PaaS on their Kubernetes clusters (Astronomer Enterprise).

We're looking for hybrid systems and software engineers to join our Infrastructure and DevOps team which is responsible for scaling our cloud service, and architecting cloud native solutions. 


  • DevOps: use Kubernetes and cloud native best practices to work on infrastructure as code in Terraform and Helm, and work with developers to continuously improve release velocity 
  • Production and reliability engineering: operate the kubernetes clusters hosting our different SaaS environments, instrument applications, train developers on production best practices, and continuously improve monitoring
  • Feature development: develop new and own existing features of Astronomer such as Airflow deployment rollout / rollback and Enterprise telemetry. In a PaaS space having technical customers, there is a ton of room for hybrid systems and software engineers to build interesting features
  • Participate in an on-call rotation (over the past 6 months, we have had ~5 incidents requiring off-hours intervention)
  • Perform root cause analysis and document results in the form of post-mortems


Our ideal candidate:

  • Container orchestration (Docker, Kubernetes, Helm, cloud offerings like EKS or GKE, or comparable experience)
  • Cloud / Infrastructure as code (Terraform or similar and experience troubleshooting cloud services)
  • Network, compute, database and storage fundamentals
  • Programming fundamentals (OOP, scripting, code review)
  • Great at pairing up with developers

Bonus points if you're familiar with:

  • Apache Airflow
  • ElasticSearch/Fluentd/Kibana stack (EFK)
  • Prometheus/AlertManager/Grafana
  • Kubernetes operators
  • Platform as a service
  • Services with technical customers