Sales Engineer

Job description

Astronomer helps organizations adopt Apache Airflow, the market’s leading open-source data workflow orchestration platform. We’re a fast-growing startup pushing forward two key product offerings - Astronomer Cloud, a managed SaaS product for companies of all sizes looking to run Airflow without an infrastructure overhead, and Astronomer Enterprise, a product built in parallel that larger businesses optimizing for security and scale can install in a Kubernetes Cluster within their own environment.

As a Sales Engineer on our team, you will get a front row seat to almost all aspects of the company. You will grow to have a deep understanding of both Apache Airflow and Astronomer as you work with organizations ranging from seed stage startups to Fortune 50 enterprises. You’ll be able to speak to how Apache Airflow and the Astronomer platform fits into different environments (mostly AWS, GCP, and Azure) and use cases (ETL, machine learning, etc.). Last but not least, you’ll have the opportunity to engage in one of the most active open source communities out there.

Every Sales Engineer will grow to become an Airflow expert and be excellent at interacting with Airflow and Astronomer users.




  • Provide technical leadership and insight in a pre-sales and post-sales capacity for customers to support successful understanding, evaluation, and adoption of Astronomer
  • Give demos to large teams of engineering and IT executives to clearly articulate Astronomer’s value proposition
  • Become a subject matter expert on the competitive landscape of workflow orchestration and how both Astronomer and Airflow match up in the space for both sales and product strategy conversations
  • Help scope, manage, and lead implementations for some of Astronomer’s highest value customers
  • Help create and maintain sales artifacts around Astronomer’s “why”, “what” and “how”
  • Help create and maintain technical documentation for Astronomer users
  • Work with our Product teams to incorporate feedback from prospects and customers into our roadmap
  • Become an Airflow expert

A strong candidate is:

  • Empathetic and leans towards giving those around them the benefit of the doubt
  • A strong verbal and written communicator
    • Has a knack for breaking down complex technical concepts into digestible tid-bits
  • Eager to get in the weeds of a technical challenge
  • Comfortable leading presentations. They will often be giving presentations and product demos to large groups.
  • Great at thinking on their feet - they will often be fielding questions and coming up with clear and articulate answers on the spot
  • Excited to learn about cloud infrastructure (Kubernetes, Docker, Terraform)
  • Experienced with growth teams for technical products (Preferred, but not required)
  • Experienced with writing Python and working with public cloud environments (Highly Preferred)